The World’s First Fully Electrified Copper Mine

Nussir is 100% electric, powered on renewable sources. A globally significant, revolutionary project, driving change in the industry.

Providing a Critical Product for the Green Revolution, to Europe, from Europe

The copper that Nussir extracts is vital as the world shifts to green solutions and technology. We are mining for a sustainable future!

One of the World's cleanest copper ores

Supplying Europe with one of the world’s cleanest copper concentrates from Norway’s largest copper deposit.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Environmentally friendly and short supply line to a world leading smelter of clean copper.

The Company

Nussir ASA is a Norwegian company which will, in 2021, be financing and starting the construction of the Nussir Copper Project in Northern Norway.

All Permits

Nussir ASA has received all its major permits and approvals from the Norwegian government, and a positive feasibility study was undertaken by SRK Consulting.

Fully Electric

The feasibility study is currently being updated with the objective of making the Nussir project the first mine in the world which will operate fully electrified.

All of Nussir ASA’s equipment will run on renewable energy. The mine will have a low environmental impact as it will be an underground mine, and the surface operation will make use of an existing operational industrial site. There have been many years of consultation between the company and local groups, including the indigenous Sami. The company has recently signed an important Co-operation Agreement with the local municipality.

Mining Contract assigned to LNS

Mining Contract assigned to LNS

"We are very pleased with our decision to award LNS this significant contract. LNS has solid experience and capacity for such an assignment, with...