Our Approach

Stakeholder engagement

Nussir believes in open and honest communication with local habitants, users of the land and sea, investors and business interests. No human activity is without consequences, our job is to find the best possible solutions for all stakeholders involved, working in close contact with both individuals and groups. Nussir will establish Stakeholder Environmental Groups to closely monitor and decide on the following aspects; Seatailing Placement Group, Raindeer Herding Group, Salmon and Fishery Group and Neighbour Forum.

CEO Øystein Rushfeldt and youth politicians.

CEO Øystein Rushfeldt talks to youth politicians in Nortern Norway.

World’s first fully electrified mine

Nussir ASA’s mining project will be a state-of-the-art mine and possibly the first fully
electrified mine in the world. There will be no diesel engines running in this mine. Combining a fully electrical operation with Norway’s almost 100% clean renewable energy grid is the ultimate combination for bringing the much needed copper metal to market in a climate sustainable way.

Local jobs and local office

Nussir ASA is registered in, and its offices are in, the Municipality of Hammerfest. We intend to create local jobs for local people and hence give local businesses a good share of the activity created by the start-up of the mine. The mine will create about 200 local jobs directly and even more including services provided.

Environmental and Social Governance

Nussir is currently working with its advisors to prepare a Sustainability Plan which will drive the project’s compliance with international and Norwegian ESG standards. This is a major undertaking which will in due course also involve the local Stakeholder Environmental Groups, and incorporate their conclusions and objectives. The Sustainability Plan is being developed and currently includes:

  • A review of all aspects of the project plan

  • A gap analysis relative to international sustainability standards, legal requirements, and local stakeholder objectives

  • An action plan based on compliance with standards, which will in turn feed into Nussir’s policies and operating and monitoring procedures.

IFC Performance Standards

We are hard at work, building our organisation for the best possible compliance with the IFC performance standards. The standards are thorough and apply to almost all aspects of our operation and we want to show that we are taking environment and social issues seriously and do our part in complying with rules and regulations and also expectations directed at the international mining industry.

Equator Principles

The Equator Principles (EPs) is a risk management framework, adopted by financial institutions, for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects. Nussir ASA are working towards compliance with the Equator Principles alongside our other chosen standards.

Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM)

The Canadian TSM sustainability standard is rapidly growing internationally.

The Norwegian Mining Industry is adopting the Canadian standard and all mining companies will be required to report from 2024. Nussir is at the forefront implementing this standard in our project and has already reviewed our performances according to all TSM protocols. This has resulted in a thorough report and an Action Plan to reach compliance in early stages of the project.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We strongly support the UN goals for sustainable development and mean that this is the way the World should move forward. Our business is touching in on the goals in a series of different areas which will be highlighted in the months to come.