Zero Emission Mining

100% ELECTRIC. Nussir seeks Enova grant to become the world’s first fully electrified mine.

Nussir is partnering with leading underground mining specialists at LNS to start the world’s first zero-diesel, fully electrified mine. All vehicles operating underground will be electric or battery-electric. This is a historical change, both for the environment and for the miner’s health. No more diesel particles, no exhaust fumes, less use of energy, less noise and less unwanted heat generation are some of the many advantages the Nussir way provides.

Increased production of copper is one of the preconditions for humanity to solve the climate crisis. The “green shift” requires a doubling of the world’s copper production over the next 15-20 years.

NUSSIR ASA will produce one of the world’s purest copper concentrates. Energy consumption will be among the lowest in the world.

NUSSIR ASA will supply one of the world’s cleanest smelting plants. NUSSIR will be a pioneer in the climate context, where we contribute to reaching the Paris agreement.

The production of copper from NUSSIR accounts for about 50% of Norway’s consumption, and can be used to electrify the rest of Norway’s 2.6 million passenger cars in 10 years.

Copper is a metal that can be recycled almost endlessly and is not “used up”.