Mining Contract assigned to LNS

Aug 14, 2020 | News

Nussir and LNS
Nussir ASA has chosen LNS AS as its contractor for development and underground mining. The contract negotiations are expected to be completed in the coming months. LNS was chosen among several large and international contractors.

“We are very pleased with our decision to award LNS this significant contract. LNS has solid experience and capacity for such an assignment, with knowledge of the local area and of mining operations. LNS, having the common language and culture and the understanding of the local environment are factors considered supplemental to the choice. We look forward to LNS establishing itself in Kvalsund and contributing to creating ripple effects from mining operations, by providing local employment and using regional subcontractors for the assignment. For the Nussir project, this is an important milestone that will contribute positively towards financing from banks and investors”, says CEO of Nussir Øystein Rushfeldt

“This is an important contract for LNS and we are very proud that Nussir chose us as their contractor. The contract is particularly exciting as the operation will be fully electric – this is the future and we are happy to be part of this. We have extensive experience and expertise with mining projects in Northern Norway and in Svalbard, and this project fits very well into our portfolio. This is the fifth major mining project LNS has been involved with in Finnmark. LNS wants to hire residents as much as possible. We also have a clear policy of sourcing as many goods and services locally”,  says LNS CEO Frode Nilsen

Nussir intends to develop the Project, which is fully permitted, as Europe’s first fully electric mine and SRK is currently carrying out an electrification study in order to update the Company’s Feasibility Study in line with this.

Nussir and LNS
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