Nussir enters into a memorandum of understanding with Aurubis AG

Aug 11, 2020 | News

Copper Billets Aurubis
Nussir ASA has entered into a memorandum of understanding for the sale of the full copper concentrate production for the first ten years from the Nussir mine in Finnmark, with an option to extend.

The German smelter Aurubis AG won the fierce competition based on having the best commercial conditions, its financial solidity, and its focus on environment factors. Aurubis is among the world’s largest copper smelters headquartered in Hamburg. It emphasizes the importance of moving towards the “green” economy, with a clean production cycle and encourages recycling of copper.

“We are very pleased with our planned association with Aurubis and the terms fully recognize the high quality of the concentrate to be produced by Nussir. This is a positive step forward towards the financing of the development of the mine and in creating a new significant European copper producer. As part of the agreement Aurubis appreciates and valued Nussir’s plan for fully electrified production without any CO2 emission. says CEO Øystein Rushfeldt.

Copper Billets Aurubis