The Operating Licence for Nussir ASA confirmed by the “King in Council”

Nov 29, 2019 | News

Today the King in Council (the King with the Council of state, i.e. the Cabinet) confirmed the Operating License, which was first granted to Nussir ASA by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries (NFD) on February 14, 2019.

The application was first sent to the Directorate of Mining (DMF) on May 6, 2016, after which it was forwarded to the NFD shortly after. The licence was appealed, and as a result of the complaints, several consultations were held with reindeer husbandry and with the Sami Parliament.

With this final approval, the work that was started on November 9, 2009, is now completed with the introduction of all underground mining permits, including the Zoning Plan, Tailings Permit and now Operating License.

CEO Øystein Rushfeldt comments: “This is a new milestone for Nussir ASA and the Norwegian Mineral Industry. A journey that has taken 10 years is now completed, and the next chapter of the development of the mine can begin. With this clarification, work will begin soon to bring in just above NOK 1 billion in capital for the development. Nussir is now working intensively to decide, together with ENOVA, on the full electrification of the mining project, probably as the first mine in the world. Today we look forward to meeting with all those in and outside the local community of Kvalsund, who have stood by our side for these 10 years ”.