Land and Location

Nussir is a complete brownfield project in close proximity to major cities in the area, with excellent infrastructure and transport available.


Nussir ASA is registered in Hammerfest municipality in the county of Troms and Finnmark in Northern Norway.

The two orebodies that comprise the copper project are called Ulveryggen and Nussir and are located approximately 4 km apart from each other. Both orebodies are in Hammerfest municipality, adjacent to the regional road and the Repparfjord.

The site is close to Kvalsund, a small town of c.300 inhabitants with a kindergarten, school and local amenities. Hammerfest is the closest city, approximately 45 minutes drive from the site. This city, which is the municipal centre has 8000 inhabitants, and extensive industry and harbour capacity. Alta, an hour drive to the south, is the biggest city of Finnmark with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Minimal Footprint

The Nussir project is a brownfield copper mine in Northern Norway,located on the site of a copper mine that mined the Ulveryggen ore in open pits until operations stopped in 1979. All infrastructure is already in place and almost no new land will need to be developed to open the new copper ore, the Nussir ore body, that was found close to the historical ore body.

High Voltage power lines are available very close to the plant site and there is enough capacity for the mine startup in the existing grid system.
There is an existing dam nearby that can provide the water required for the processing operation and Nussir will reduce the need for new water by recycling up to 60% of all water in the process.

Internal roads are already in place. There will be a short extension of a few hundred meters from an existing mine to the new portal for the Nussir mine.
Mitigating measures have been found to coexist with the Sami reindeer herding activity in the Municipality allowing everyone to prosper. These are included in the zoning plan and operating licence.

Complete infrastructure

There are three airports approximately one hour drive from the mine. These are, Hammerfest, the nearest local airport, Alta, the biggest airport with regular flights to Norway’s capital, Oslo, and Lakselv, a very long airport with the capacity for special wide cargo planes.

Nussir has its own harbour for export of its copper concentrate capable of handling ships much bigger than needed. This harbour can also be used for receiving some goods and special cargo from transport ships. Hammerfest has several harbours with regular coastal ship traffic and is just 45 minutes drive from the mine.

The regional road, RV94, passes metres from the processing plant. This road connects the site to Hammerfest, just 45 minutes away, and Skaidi, 10 minutes away. At Skaidi, RV94 meets the European Highway E6, that further connects the site to Alta and beyond.

Important sites in near vincinity of the project area.

The Nussir project is a brownfield copper mine start-up in Northern Norway based on a mine that stopped operations in 1979.

The project has its own harbour for concentrate shipments and for receiving goods, by sea.